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I typically (but not exclusively) work with businesses in London and the South East area.

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Marketing Company London

A marketing company is in some ways similar to a marketing agency.  However, whilst an agency will deliver specific projects for you – e.g. a website design or a brochure design, they will expect you to take ownership for the work and guide them through the process of what the site/brochure must do or how the site/brochure should be used for best effect.  In other words, they will deliver work for you, but you must drive it forward and you must set the strategy and the plan to make sure it is delivered in a way that will meet your own business objectives.

Marketing company – approach

My approach encompasses a marketing agency’s services, but my outsourced marketing service also takes full ownership for the planning, management and delivery of the marketing activities.  In fact, in some cases with clients we have worked with for some time, we simply advise them what we plan to deliver, how much it will cost and what the projected return will be. They then simply need to say yes or no.  Invariably the answer is ‘yes’ as we certainly have a habit of suggesting marketing activities that we know will generate an excellent return in investment for the client.  This approach means the client can focus on running their business and not be worrying about where new enquiries are coming from or how they are going to deliver their marketing activities.

As an experienced team of marketing consultants, we are able to work with businesses in a wide range of industries.  We work with companies that have as few as three employees, through to companies that have hundreds of employees.  Whatever the size or nature of your business, we are able to create a tailored marketing plan for you.

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