11 Dec 2013

How To Gain More Customers From Your Marketing

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It’s possibly the most frequently asked question I hear from businesses: ‘how can I gain more new customers?’.

So yesterday I spent the morning at a roundtable event in London sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned regarding how businesses can gain more new customers from their marketing.  Thank you again to those who attended, please feel free to download the slides below:

How to gain more customer from your marketing…

17 Oct 2013

Explainer Videos – Tips For Getting Yours Right

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It’s been proved many times over that a well-crafted explainer video can increase website conversions. And it doesn’t matter whether a conversion for you is a completed sale, an online enquiry or simply a download of an ebook, video can help move people to action.

If you haven’t seen an explainer video before, you can watch the example above (disclaimer, this was created by Execute Marketing with design agency, LOOT).

As with our example, explainer videos typically use animation because this tends to be a more cost effective approach than taking a camera team on site and shooting live footage.

So, if you’re considering your first explainer video, here’s some pointers for getting yours right. Read more

07 Sep 2012

4 Reasons Why ‘New’ Is So Powerful In Your Marketing

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When was the last time you communicated what was new about your business?

If you look at your business, it’s highly likely that in the last six months you are doing or offering something new that benefits your customers.  A new product, or a new way of working, new staff, new software (the list goes on).

The word new is a very powerful tool in the marketer’s kit bag.  If you didn’t know these already, here’s four reasons why new never gets old. Read more

09 May 2012

You Don’t Have To Sell What You Market

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Here’s a quick question: have you ever set out to buy a particular product (like a car, or software, or a chocolate bar) but when it came to the point of purchase, you actually paid up for a different version of that product?

Maybe you bought the car with the better specification, or that new chocolate bar caught your eye in the shop?

Sound familiar?

In some cases, your change of mind and change of purchase decision will have been a fluke. You just happened to change your mind because, well, that’s your prerogative.

But in other cases, those clever marketers may have steered your purchasing process down a path that ended in you buying the product they always wanted you too.

Let me explain. Read more

04 May 2012

Business Exhibitions: The Ultimate Guide To Exhibiting

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For many businesses, there is no better way to meet prospective customers than at exhibitions. As with all marketing activities however, there are the right ways and the wrong ways to go about exhibiting.  So, here are the right ways to make your next exhibition a success. Read more